This service allows us to follow up on defaulted debts, we start by negotiation.  Through this process we’ve found that in most cases we are able to get the debtors to regularize their payments, as we tend utilize a win- win approach for all parties involved. However  should negotiations fail our Recovery and legal service serve as escalation points

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Skip Tracing

A debtor may unexpectedly change address or change contacts without informing the lender. The Skip tracing service allows us to track and unearth the debtor’s current address/location and his current contact information.

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In cases of dispute. We have a legal team that offers their professional services, in order to ensure that debts are recovered in accordance with the law.

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While following the letter of the law, we work in tandem with registered professionals to recover our client’s assets.

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Credit advisory

We offer several advisory services that contribute to the efficient and effective recovery of our client’s debt.

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